A big "Thank you" to a friend of the West End

Updated: Apr 19, 2018

Chris Miller of IAWC has promoted the West End with passion and vigor for years and it was high time we showed our appreciation.

Chris Miller, IAWC, after receiving her "Thank you" basket of local goodies

The IAWC (Interpretive Association of Western Colorado) has long been an advocate for preserving local heritage and promoting tourism in the region. Chris Miller is a champion on that front. She has always had a love for the West End, and her clear vision of what we have to offer has shown in her years of dedicated service to the area even when no one knew she was doing it.

A Champion for the West End

Chris has been integral in promoting and preserving the heritage and outdoor recreation along the Unaweep/Tabeguache Scenic and Historic Byway. As a friend of the West End and in her role in IAWC she was a key player in the research, organization and completion of the 150 page Corridor Management Plan (CMP) for the UT Byway in 2013, which kept the UT Byway from the possible threat designation. After completing the CMP for the UT Byway, the management for the Byway gradually dissolved and fell out of compliance with the Colorado Scenic and Historic Byways Commission. Chris took it upon herself to keep the websites (; current and relevant.

Chris has shown her support for the area in so many ways over the years. All of her hard work and support came from the goodness of her heart and she never expected or requested anything for it. The Nucla-Naturita Area Chamber of Commerce (NNACC) felt it was high time we showed her our appreciation.

A Basket of Goodies from the Locals She Helped Promote

What better gift could NNACC give than an assortment of the talented local vendor items displayed at the Unaweep/Tabeguache Interpretive Visitor Center? The very place Chris has been promoting for years. All of the items had something to do with the area she loves and were original items from local vendors. As the picture shows, Chris was grateful for the gift. She said it was unexpected and unnecessary but we here at the NNACC beg to differ. Chris is a gem and one we want to know is greatly appreciated!

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